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The Ughtasar Project Team is made up of a dedicated number of archaeologists, art historians, rock art specialists and volunteers who share a passionate interest in Armenian rock art, a sense of adventure and a love of the mountains of the southern Caucasus.  Each team member brings to the Project a special set of skills, experience, ideas and interests.

Anna Khechoyan, BA, MA, PhD expected, art historian. Anna is a lecturer at Yerevan State University and Junior Researcher at the Institute of Archaeology & Ethnography of the Academy of Sciences of Armenia, specialising in rock art research. She has contributed to a number of international publications and worked on various archaeological projects. Anna is a founder and co-director of the Ughtasar Rock Art Project.

Tina Walkling, BA, MA, LRPS, art historian, archaeologist & photographer, has worked in fine art publishing and as a photographer before taking up archaeology, specialising mainly in rock art research. She also has a keen interest in zoo-archaeology, environmental archaeology and landscape archaeology. Tina is a founder and co-director of the Ughtasar Rock Art Project.

Armen Asryan, BA, MA, is a freelance development consultant providing GIS and ICT consulting services for a wide range of organisations including the international donor community, national governments, academic and research institutions.  He is a founder of the Ughtasar Rock Art Project and former co-director . Armen takes part in fieldwork when overseas work commitments permit.

Chris Musson, MBE, BArch, MIFA, FSA: archaeologist, air photographer and former architect. After working on a wide variety of research and rescue excavations in the UK and more recently in Italy, he was for eleven years Investigator in Aerial Photography for the Royal Commission on the Ancient & Historical Monuments of Wales. A founder member of the Project, Chris is responsible for the 'specialist' photography and for assisting Ken Saito in his multi-image photogrammetry and mapping work for the Project.  He has written or co-written several books on excavation and aerial survey, including manuals on archaeological air photography in both Italian and English.

Heather James, BA, FSA: archaeologist and historian, with a keen interest in landscape archaeology. The former Head of Heritage Management for Dyfed Archaeological Trust in Wales, Heather is currently archaeological advisor to the Church in Wales, St David’s Diocese, General Secretary of the Cambrian Archaeological Association (the national body for archaeology in Wales) and Vice President of the Carmarthenshire Antiquarian Society for whom she has edited and produced a number of books.  She has also published extensively in local and national scholarly journals.  Heather has been a team member since the inception of the Ughtasar Rock Art Project.

Ken Saito, BA, MA, archaeologist, specialises in Geophysical Survey, Cartography, GIS, Remote Sensing and 3D Recording in archaeology.  Ken recently gained a second postgraduate degree, MA in Preventive Archaeology at the University of Siena, Italy.  Since 2010 he has held prime responsibility for GPS survey and topographical mapping for the Ughtasar Project.  Since 2012 he has also been engaged in multi-image photogrammetry and post-processing work with Agisoft PhotoScan software.  A key aspect of his recent work is the training and transference of skills in 3D modelling to fellow members of the Team.

Ani Danielyan is a PhD student in Archeology at the University of Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne and is attached to the CNRS/UMR 7041 ArScAn/MAE équipe «Asie Centrale». She is currently working on her thesis entitled Pre-protohistoric rock art of Armenia under the supervision of Professor Henri-Paul Francfort (Director of Research, CNRS). Before that, she completed her BA and MA in Art History at the Yerevan State University (2004-2010) and MA in Prehistory at the University of Bordeaux 1 (2011-2012). Specializing mainly in rock art research, Ani has participated in fieldwork at Ughtasar each year since the Project began.

Richard Walkling is a chartered civil engineer who has specialised in the study, design and management of municipal water and wastewater projects. Since 1991 he has worked in the region of eastern Europe and the southern Caucasus including Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Turkey and Georgia, and lived and worked in Armenia for 10 years. His interest in archaeology was sparked by his many visits to archaeological sites in Armenia. His contribution to the project is to ensure that all resources are in place to enable the team to function safely and effectively under the demanding conditions of the site, to manage the data collected, and to ensure that the data is available to all participants through the project database and other project software.

Armine Zohrabyan, BA, MA, works as an analyst. She carries out internet-based research and data collection for WAVEMetrix Ltd.  A keen photographer and paraglider pilot, she has been an enthusiastic team member of the Project for over three years. She is a skilled photographer with a fine eye for a picture.

Harutyun Atshemyan is Director of the Founding Board and Senior Instructor in the practice & theory of paragliding for the Paragliding Sport Federation of Armenia (founded in 2008).  He is responsible for the training of instructors, supervision of examinations, safety of flights, team building and cross-cultural communication.  He organizes various projects for a wide range of sporting activities.  Harutyun also works as an Aerial Filming Specialist at Bars Media Documentary film studio.

Karen Baghdasaryan is an experienced consultant working in the Economics sector for a wide variety of projects funded by major international donor organisations. Karen’s expertise is in Information and Communications Technologies including e-Commerce & e-Governance.  He has been a keen supporter and team member since the inception of the Project.

Team Ughtasar, 2013.

Top, from left:  

Harutyun Atshemyan, Ken Saito, Tigran (driver from Sisian), Armen Asryan, Chris Musson, Richard Walkling, Karen Baghdasaryan.   

Bottom, from left:

Armine Zohrabyan, Ani Danielyan, Tina Walkling, Heather James, Anna Khechoyan, Yelena Shahbazyan

Specialists in visual imaging techniques for the Project:

Richard Stroud, Photogrammetry Consultant, independent rock art researcher and consultant on the recently completed CSI Rombalds Moor Project. He has played an integral part in the development of stereo photogrammetry and tested Structure from Motion techniques for recording rock art in the UK.  Richard has participated in 2 seasons of fieldwork at Ughtasar as photogrammetry specialist and teacher of the technique.

Dr Sarah M Duffy, BA, MSc, PhD, archaeologist specialising in Reflectance Transformation Imaging, a multi-light digital imaging method, and Structure from Motion techniques for heritage and conservation applications. Having recently gained her PhD at the University of York (thesis title: Archaeological Recording in the Digital Age: Towards an informed and reflexive methodology), she is currently an Honorary Postdoctoral Research Associate within the University’s Department of Archaeology. Sarah took part in fieldwork at Ughtasar in 2010 and made a welcome return in 2015.

Specialist advisors:

We are very grateful to the following for their expert help, advice and support:

Dr Pavel Avetisyan, Director of the Institute of Archaeology & Ethnography, National Academy of Sciences of Armenia, Yerevan, Armenia.

Professor Dominic Powlesland, Founder and Director of the Landscape Research Centre, Malton, UK (www.landscaperesearchcentre.org/).

Dr Boris Gasparyan, Researcher, Institute of Archaeology & Ethnography, National Academy of Sciences of Armenia; Professor, Department of Archaeology, Yerevan State University, Armenia.

Paul Bryan, FRICS, Geospatial Imaging Manager, Remote Sensing Team, Historic England (formerly English Heritage), York, UK.

Aleksei Pasumanskii, Managing Director of Agisoft LLC, St Petersburg, Russia (www.agisoft.ru/products/photoscan).

Diana Ovod, Technical Analyst at Agisoft LLC, St Petersburg, Russia (www.agisoft.ru/products/photoscan).

Jon Bedford, Senior Technical Survey and Graphics Officer, Heritage Protection Department, Historic England (formerly English Heritage), York, UK.

Dr Stefano Campana, Laboratory of Landscape Research and Remote Sensing (LAP&T), University of Siena, Italy. Currently Marie Curie Scholar at the University of Cambridge in the UK.

Vincent van Walt, Van Walt Ltd., Environmental Research Equipment Experts, www.vanwalt.com, who has very generously donated to the project augers for palaeo-environmental research.

Ughtasar Rock Art Project

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